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We will be using Moodle to debate.  You will have class time to prepare your opening statement together on your team (15 minutes), then we will log on to Moodle and you will debate the posted prompt.  At your pre debate meeting, you must select a group member to prepare the closing statement.  We will run this in similar debate format---team of 3 gets 4 responses, team of 4 gets 3.  Let's see how debate looks online!

In novels we read a variety of books that have spent some quality time on the New York Times Best Selling list.  Currently we are reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, a book that chronicles the lives of two Afgani women who struggle to survive and form an unbreakable friendship.  We will use Moodle to discuss themes and questions from the text.  I encourage you to respond to the posted prompts as well as to respond to other classmates' comments on the blog.

General Psychology